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Product: Large Garden Cart

If you have now or ever owned a garden cart, you know how awesome they are.

If you have never used one, this is your review:

Growing up, my Dad gave me lots of “character-building” exercises around the yard. These chores (such as weeding, brush clearing, irrigation building and repair, tree-topping, etc) fell under a teenager’s definition of “sucky”, but could have sucked a lot more without the use of a old school garden cart. Not a awkward, clumsy, tippy wheel-barrow, but a straight-up garden cart. It can haul a LOT of material, has a very low relative empty-weight, is much more stable than a wheelbarrow, and doubles as a decent sitting bench when you need a break. They’re super durable and long-lived, too. The pack mule I used (or was I the pack mule? hmmmm) during my teenage years is over 40 years old with no signs of wearing out. There’s few yard items as multi-purpose and labor-saving as these type of carts.

That said, I have a house of my own now, and a pretty large yard. One of my first purchases after moving was to buy my first garden cart (the one listed here), and it has so far lived up to the legend. It’s as well constructed as the 40 year old beast I know and love. The assembly instructions were simple and clear. Price and shipping weren’t terrible (all things considered). All in all, if you live in a place with a yard anything larger than a postage stamp, I do nothing but recommend this cart.

Now, if you’ll excuse me: I have some more character-buildiing to do.

Product: Mid-Size Garden Cart

Just as I expected. Thankful for the higher handle than most models as it is less of a bend to pick up before moving! I love the front slider for dumping. That is a plus! This augments the smaller one that I have had for 40 years. It rolls easily on flat surface… I love the capacity as I have to prune a great deal on my property so can do much more before dumping.

– EB, VT

Product: Large Garden Cart

“This is just a note to let you know how much I have enjoyed my Garden Cart (Model 26) since 1983 (28 years) It’s still in great shape. Probably the best tool I ever bought!”

– DP, Cumberland, MD

Product: Woodchuck II Log Hauler

“All I can say is—-I love, love, love my new log hauler! It’s so much easier to bring in wood with the cart compared with my old method of putting 4-5 pieces of wood in one of those canvas slings. My back thanks you!”

– JR, Traverse City, MI

Product: Mid-Size Garden Cart

I had one years ago that carted kids, dogs (dogs total weight: 250 pounds) and tons of manure and leaves for my organic garden and flower beds, and wood for burning. It was one of my best purchases ever. It was lost over time… and I finally replaced it. And I am in love with it all over again, I don’t know how I got along without it at all…

Product: Woodchuck II Log Hauler

“I just assembled my Woodchuck II Log Hauler and used it for the first time. I am so pleased! It was easy to assemble and its well made of high quality metal, has some serious heavy-duty wheels and best of all – it works!

Thank you for making such a great product – and oh yeah, its actually made in the USA in Vermont! Need I say more!”

– MM, Bloomingburg, NY

Product: Woodchuck II Log Hauler

“I bought a Woodchuck this year. I love it. It holds enough wood for one load a day. It keeps my wood stove going 24 hrs a day. Easy to load, move and unload. I have used your garden cart for more than 30 years, but this device is easier to use and move and takes less space in my
garage. Great product.”

– CK, Williston, VT

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