About Carts Vermont

Carts Vermont philosophy: To manufacture the very best garden carts on the market and to make all your yard chores easier. We have set the standard for quality and design for over 30 years in the industry and will do so for the next 30 years.

Carts Vermont versatility: For years, gardeners have struggled to balance heavy loads on a one-wheeled wheelbarrow. With garden carts from Carts Vermont, it’s now easier than ever to haul big loads. Up and down hills, around corners and over rugged terrain, our garden carts naturally balance heavy loads to take the strain of your arms and back. As thousands have attested, a Carts Vermont garden cart will quickly become an indispensable workhorse around your home and garden. Whatever your needs are, Carts Vermont has a size cart just for you.

Carts Vermont recognized as the best: Yes, as they say, “imitation is the highest form of flattery”. That is why a countless number of competitors have attempted to copy our design over the years without our superior craftsmanship and attention to quality. Thank you for this compliment.

Also our carts are touted as the best on the market by some of the most prestigious garden supply catalog companies in the United States.

Certificate of Authenticity: When buying ask for our certificate of authenticity. Then you can be assured of buying the real Carts Vermont. We have had many stories to those who thought they were buying the original Carts Vermont only to be disappointed with an inferior look-a-like or a cheap import. They do not compare and they don’t hold up.

Carts Vermont, USA – Ingenuity, Quality, Design & Features that set us apart:

  • Heavy-duty steel wheels, semi-pneumatic and pneumatic
  • 1/2″ exterior plywood.
  • Strong 11-gauge steel framed dump front, electrostatically coated to eliminate corrosion.
  • Easy sliding front panel for dumping big loads.
  • Zinc plated hardware, 19-gauge galvanized tubing and 20-gauge galvanized steel.
  • Extra strong steel axle.
  • Plywood hand dipped in environmentally safe, water-based stain
  • Partial assembly at the factory to reduce your assembly time.

And……The Carts Vermont unconditional, 1 year, no questions asked guarantee.